I have learned the fairest way to charge for editing is by using the word count in the document you submit (or the number of words you’d like edited, as it’s possible you won’t need your entire document edited).

I like to keep my pricing as straightforward as possible: my rate is $.06/word. When you are ready to submit a document for editing, I will provide the date on which I will return your edited document. Dates can change as new projects are accepted, but you can hold your spot on my calendar by submitting a document that is ready for editing and a deposit.

I do offer a “weekend rate” if you need your work faster than the next available date on my calendar. I also offer a 10% discount if you submit a document to be edited by me more than once.

Please send an excerpt of your document for a free sample!

Editing is very detailed and time-consuming work, and charging by the hour can lead to an unpleasant surprise when it comes time to pay. If you expect a document to be edited in 5 hours but it takes 10, you could end up paying twice what you expected.

Charging by the page can mean you’d pay the same for a title page with 50 words as you would for a standard page with 250 words.

Please contact me for details on how to send payment.

I completely stand behind my work. If I miss something while editing, I am happy to fix it at no charge. My business is built on my reputation!